Activity Information
Wellness Day H2BOGA May 7 12:15p
5/7/2021 - 5/7/2021
An innovative water fitness program that builds strength increases flexibility and improves balance and coordination through a carefully selected set of movements. The unique workout on the water utilizes traditional gym workouts like burpees, pushups, and set-ups while minimizing the harsh impact of traditional exercises. It creates high-intensity workouts with low-intensity impact on your body. This program will provide challenges for even the fittest individuals and is designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect fitness program for all levels.
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3/1/2021 12:00 AM
5/7/2021 11:00 PM
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Day Date Start Time End Time Facility
Fri 5/7/2021 12:15 PM 1:15 PM AQ 50M West L 1-4 Export to ICal